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The HUMOR LIST was created around April 1993 to provide an uncensored and diverse source of humor for a seminar on the "Communication of Humor" led by Bill Edwards of Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia.

The HUMOR LIST currently includes a Facebook Page, with 6 posts from current and past contributors, celebrating a daily "holiday" theme.

The HUMOR LIST is a rule-governed list which provides readers with substantial examples of humor.  The contributions are not censored, but those who post jokes are expected to obey the rules.

This is NOT a list for the hyper-sensitive persons who may be easily offended.  Subject lines are used to tell our readers the subject and to provide warnings when possibly offensive material is included (<language>, <political>, <sexual>, <offensive to ___ >, etc.). There is no accounting for a person's taste or "sense of humor." What one person finds uproariously funny, another may find extremely offensive.

The HUMOR LIST encourages a diversity of humor from all cultures. As with any humor, remember, it can take almost any form - jokes, puns, riddles, satire, etc.

There is no personal chatter or discussion permitted within humor posts; flames are prohibited, and there are no personal advertisements allowed. Personal comments may be shared between individuals in private emails, and complaints should always be addressed to the administrators.

This site accesses all the .htm, .txt, & .zip versions of the Digests. It also contains the Traffic Reports (monthly and annual).

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